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Sugandha Steam Basmati Rice

Sugandha Steamed Rice stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing you with the finest basmati rice experience. We take immense pride in the rigorous process through which this exceptional rice variety is cultivated and processed, ensuring that each grain meets the highest standards of quality.

Discover the unrivaled excellence of Sugandha Steamed Rice, renowned for its superior quality. This basmati rice variety undergoes a meticulous parboiling process from raw white rice, resulting in a delightful aroma and a delectable taste that makes it the ultimate choice for preparing traditional dishes like pulao and biryani. Each grain boasts an impressive length of 7.90 mm, ensuring an elegant presentation on your plate.

Sugandha Steam Basmati Rice

sugandha steam basmati rice
Sugandha Steamed Rice is available in its purest form, with a purity level of 95%. With just 12% moisture content and a mere 0.5% of damaged grains, this rice guarantees consistent excellence in every serving. Rigorously tested for taste, aroma, nutrients, shelf life, and texture, its quality is verified to exceed expectations.
Indulge in the premium goodness of Sugandha Steamed Rice and elevate your culinary creations to new heights. With its impeccable attributes and long-lasting freshness, this rice variety promises to transform every meal into a memorable experience of flavors and textures

Our commitment to purity is unwavering, with Sugandha Steamed Rice available in a 95% pure form. You can be confident that every pack delivers the finest quality rice, free from any unwanted impurities or adulterants. With just 12% moisture content and a minimal percentage of damaged grains, we guarantee a consistently superior product that meets the highest standards of excellence.

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