Sharbati Steam Rice

Sharbati Steam Rice

Sharbati Steam Rice, a white, medium-grain variety closely resembling Basmati rice, stands out as an economical and practical choice for daily domestic cooking. With its high-quality dietary fiber and ease of digestion, this rice ensures a wholesome meal for you and your family. Among its many distinctive features, the aromatic essence and delightful taste make Sharbati Steam Rice a favored selection among rice enthusiasts.

sharbati steam rice

Sharbati Steam Rice

Once cooked, Sharbati Steam Rice transforms into a fluffy and dry texture, further solidifying its position as the preferred choice among consumers. We take great care in processing Sharbati Steam Basmati Rice to ensure it is highly polished, free from any dust, stones, or adulterants, and maintains a non-sticky consistency after cooking.

Highest Quality Rice

Basmati Steam Rice

Our commitment to quality extends to the cultivation process, where Sharbati Rice is grown using state-of-the-art methods that avoid harmful fertilizers. This not only enhances the rice’s purity but also makes it an ideal option for diabetic patients, as it contains a significantly lower percentage of carbohydrates.
To maintain its freshness and quality, we package Sharbati Rice in airtight packages, ensuring its pristine condition for a prolonged period.

Sharbati Steam Rice has gained significant popularity both in domestic and international markets due to its reasonable price point without compromising on quality.

Taste or Quality

Sharbati Rice is the epitome of practicality, nutrition, and flavor. With its similarities to Pusa Basmati rice, it provides an economical option for daily cooking without sacrificing on taste or quality.

High Dietary Fiber

The rice's high dietary fiber content and easy digestibility ensure a wholesome and delightful meal for everyone. Grown with care and processed with precision.


Sharbati Steam Rice offers an unbeatable culinary experience that exceeds expectations. Join us in celebrating the goodness of Sharbati Rice – a rice variety that satisfies both your palate and your pocket.

What is difference between steam and Sella rice?

The primary difference between steam rice and Sella rice lies in their processing methods, which result in distinct characteristics and culinary applications

Steam Rice

Processing: Steam rice is parboiled or partially boiled before milling. The paddy (unhusked rice) is soaked in water and then steamed, followed by drying and milling to remove the husk, bran, and germ layers. This process helps retain some of the nutrients within the grain, making it a healthier option compared to regular milled white rice.

Processing: Sella rice goes through a more intensive processing method known as parboiling. The paddy is soaked, steamed, and then dried before milling. The steaming process not only gelatinizes the starches but also transfers some nutrients from the bran into the endosperm of the rice grain. This results in the rice retaining more nutrients compared to regular milled white rice.

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